LSS Accomondation – Upplands Bro


LSS means the Law on Support and Service for Certain Disabled People. The law states that people with disabilities must be able to live like others. It places special demands on the accommodation to be able to accommodate people with physical or mental disabilities. The accommodation can be a group accommodation, a service house or another specially adapted home. An LSS home has staff who take care of the residents. The individual receives help with daily needs. Daily needs can be to take care of hygiene, get dressed or undressed, move around, shop and to communicate and socialize with other people. The person living in the LSS accommodation has the right to leisure activities and cultural activities. The LSS accommodation must not resemble an institution but must function as the person's private home.

EDC has taken responsibility for the construction of a number of LSS homes.

Project information

Customer:                       Heving & Hägglund
Location:                         Upplands Bro, Sweden
Scope:                             Complete construction documents
Software:                         AutoCAD
Initiated:                          2017
Completed:                     2017



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