Karolinska hospital

The new Karolinska hospital is the central project in one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare initiatives ever in Stockholm County. At the same time, the project is one of the largest and most innovative healthcare projects in the world.

The starting point in the hospitalproject is “the patient always comes first”, which is the patient’s integrity, safety, and comfort in the center. Patients meet a state-of-the-art hospital and a healthcare environment where planning and design have consistently been based on what is best for them.

It places high demands on underlying areas, not least facility management and on efficient and hygienic handling of waste and laundry.

EDC has supported Logiwaste to deliver three different systems in the hospital. An automatic waste collection system, a laundry management system and a kitchen waste system. The waste collection system handles four different waste fractions; Residual waste, paper, plastic, paper packaging.

Waste and laundry are thrown into more than 200 fully automatic inlets. For the user, this system means a simple, hygienic handling with a minimum of heavy lifting and manual handling. Desired waste fraction is selected by the user via a display using a access-controlled RFID-badge. The waste is disposed and then intermediately stored by means of fraction-changers at the bottom of each shaft. The waste is then transported to the terminal via a pipe system. In the terminal, waste is stored in separate containers. Waste fractions with high volumes are compressed to minimize the number of road transports.

Project information

    • Customer:                Logiwaste
    • Location:                 Stockholm, Sweden
    • System:                   Stationary vacuum system
    • Software:                 Inventor, Revit
    • Scope:                     Mechanical development and design
    • Initiated:                  2013
    • Operating start:      2016

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