Mining industry / LKAB

The Swedish mining industry accounts for just over 90% of all iron ore produced in the EU. This makes Sweden one of Europe's prime mining countries. Along with the steel and metal works, the mining industry constitutes a large part of the Swedish export industry. During the autumn of 2020, it was also announced that the entire production will be made fossil-free until 2035 with an investment budget of SEK 400 billion. The mining industry has been, is and will be an important industry for Sweden for many more years.

Since the start, EDC has been closely linked to the mining industry and collaborates with several partners to deliver material management solutions to the mining environment. In other words, there is extensive experience in EDC for material handling equipment and other technical needs related to the mining industry.

Project information

    • Customer:               Icona Projektteknik AB
    • Location:                 Kiruna, Sweden
    • Deliveries:              Conveyors, race, pockets
    • Software:                Inventor, AutoCAD
    • Scope:                    Mechanics development and design
    • Initiated:                 2015

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